Obsession of the moment


A nice post at the Chicago Center of Literature and Photography’s website:

Of all the interesting mid-sized creative companies out there right now, few I think have done as good a job at painting a delicate and complex portrait of itself to the public than the makers of the Moleskine blank paper notebook. Originally a small family-run operation in Italy, their extra-strong covers and beautiful minimalism made them an object of fetish for now-famous artists as Hemingway, Picasso and more; when the company was started back up in the last decade by a now much larger corporate group, they wisely realized that the objects themselves and their fabled romantic history would sell Moleskine better than any modern marketing campaign they could come up with. (And of course its accidental embrace by the massive Getting Things Done time-management cult/community hasn’t hurt things either.) And that’s why as part of their marketing efforts, the makers of Moleskine sponsor such things as gallery displays of artwork found in their notebooks, and even an entire blog called Moleskinerie that features nothing but artistic and cool things their customers are doing with their own notebooks.