Moleskine on Guinness Ad?

Colin McKay writes: "I may be wrong, but the last scene in the new Guinness beer ad seems toinvolve using hundreds of Moleskine notebooks to make a giant pint ofGuinness." Video link Colin’s... Read More


Obsession of the moment

A nice post at the Chicago Center of Literature and Photography’s website: Of all the interesting mid-sized creative companies out there right now, few I think have done as good a job at painting a delicate and complex portrait of... Read More


NaNoWriMo notes: Advice on Novel Writing

"Different writers face different advantages and drawbacks in forming good writing habits. The circumstances of your personal life may make it easy or hard to find writing time, but time itself is not the real issue–it’s habit.  Writing must be... Read More


Moleskinerie Facebook

Moleskinerie Facebook is now 1,017 members strong. Join us! ………………………………………Current ‘Skines discussion: Laura Kishimoto (York UK): 4 Moleskines that I use: 1 graphed for artistamp sketches.1 blank as a journal1 address book1 18-month diary Thread link... Read More


they wait…quietly

From John Hutchins in Alaska, this photo from a small book shop in Sitka: "In the crowd of brightly colored blank books, they wait…quietly…for a friend…to bring them home." Image link© All rights... Read More


Inspiration: Richard Sweeney

This demonstration of art through engineered structure is truly inspiring, and is a major influence on the way I go about producing my work- to create objects that are simple to construct yet complex in appearance, and are efficient in... Read More


A great pen for Moleskine

Farseer offers more pen recommendations at this ongoing discussion at Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups: I Have been using moleskines for about 5 months now.  It took a fewtries te get some pens I like.  Most of the ones I like are fromPilot.  buit... Read More


Knights of Moleskine

Somebody tipped us off to this group of merry gentlemen out in Evansville, Indiana. The Hook of Warrick explains: "We have been using Moleskine to journal for years, and only thought it natural to expand from that to meeting over... Read More


Featured Artist: Anders Pearson

I mostly work in Moleskine sketchbooks, small and large.The paper is smooth and thick and they’re rugged enough to live in my bag and go everywhere with me. Most drawn with my trusty blue ball point pen, though I go... Read More


Featured Artist: David Montaña

The Tools i use: my Heart and my hand. When i begin an illustration i put everything i find near on it. pieces of paper, oils, pastels, gouaches, pieces of wood, inks, colors, pens, fingers, and even my tongue. i... Read More