Moleskine on CuatroTipos

Cuatro Tipos is a Spanish design and culture blog. They featured Gaby Campanario and lots of other Moleskine links recently. "Cuando se escapa de la redacción, a Gabi también le encanta dibujar las calles y la gente de Seattle. Escenas... Read More


Featured Artist: Simonetta Capecchi

Simonetta Capecchi was born in Milan, graduated in Architecture in Venice. She completed her Phd in Naples, where she works as an illustrator and lectures at the Faculty of Architecture. In 2006, she curated an exhibition at the Castel dell’Ovo... Read More


Dagbok East India Trading Company

Another incredible collection of prints at BibliOdyssey: "The Swedish East India Company was formed under Royal Charter in 1731 and granted exclusive national trading rights with Asia, mostly through the port of Canton ( near Hong Kong). Round-trip voyages from... Read More


Moleskine, Battle Weapon

A week of afternoon and evening fashion shows (35 presentations) on top of working one’s usual day job makes for a nice change of scenery (and stylish scenery, at that), but getting ready for it all requires a bit of... Read More


Featured Artist: Suzie Garner

Butter Yellow Frame House • Grand Junction, Colorado Suzie Garner is a Professor of Art in the Art Department at Mesa State College  in Grand Junction, Colorado where she teaches multiple subjects in art and graphic design: including a course... Read More


How To Keep An Art Journal by Suzi Blu

Linda Niehoff of Baldwin City, KS writes: "I found something on YouTube yesterday that may be of interest to you… Suzi Blu … Her videos "How to Keep an Art Journal" use the larger Moleskine – she has instructions and... Read More


Regarding Reporter Notebooks

ssossatt asked: a simple question: in reporter moleskines, do you write on both sides of the page? and if you do, do you start every page at the spine and continue to the bottom of the page away from the... Read More


Moleskine Philatelic

"yes, now i are a stamp dealer too…..well at least i found use for my small moleskine accordian folder. it holds #2 and #4 envelopes and a 4" pair of tongs AND a small moleskine cahier in a nice package…"... Read More


MoleskineCity: Venice

The Venice City Notebook, the latest in Moleskine’s growing line of City Notebooks, bears the trademark of the City of Venice, marking the beginning of an exciting new partnership, one that will benefit young artists from around the world, organized... Read More