She made me cry.


I opened the package and it was a Moleskine.

“It’s for your Nanowrimo stuff.  So you can sit and make notes when you aren’t at your computer.  I got you the blank one that opens the long way so you can make plot sketches and character sketches.”  She had this look of satisfaction on her page so I did not argue with her.  My inclination was to tell her she didn’t have to get me such an extravagant gift with her hard-earned money.  But the look in her eyes told me she knew she didn’t have to.  She just wanted to do it for me.

For the second time this week, she made me cry.

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3 thoughts on “She made me cry.

  1. How can on know beauty or better or appreciation or love unless one has known profound sadness.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Pokocky

    ps. I have written 66 journals writing everyday for over 30 years and the best journal I ever got and converted me too was a Moleskin.
    Pss. I love this site so much but am very quiet but did want to let you know I have posted your blog on my site.

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