Show us your desk or writing space


writinglife asked:

Where do you use your moleskine? Post a picture of the place.

I thought that it would be fun to see other people’s desks, writing spaces, etc. on/in which they use their notebooks.

Sophie_vf  says:

I do have a desk, but almost never use my moleskine at it. I use my pocket one wherever I happen to be, including writing on my lap or standing up, and when I write in my journal I’m usually lying on my stomach in bed (I’ve done that since childhood!). The bed is usually too messy for a picture 🙂

ssossatt says:

me too, i do a lot of writing lying down. i write lying on my side, supported by my left elbow or a pillow (or both). i got used to this position some years ago when i lived in germany. for a few months i stayed in a room that had no furniture. it wasn’t worth it getting any solid furniture for the short time that i was to stay, so i had borrowed a metal garden table to write on, but the table wasn’t firm, it followed the movements of my hand when i was writing! i slept on a slack deckchair. the U position that i was always in showed remarkably suited for good penmanship! it taught me a new, somewhat neater handwriting that i find hard to reproduce while sitting at a desk.

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