“Stages’ Notebook”

Stephanie Diamond of Marketing Message Blog talks about how a simple notebook figures in the creative process of some of the best minds in business:

"The cliche ‘great minds think alike’ does seem to be true when it comes to creativity.  There are several tactics that creative people use that I see repeated again and again.  A case in point is the guest column from Tim Brown CEO, IDEO in the November 12th issue of Fortune.

In it he talks about two tactics I see very often:

1. ‘Stages’ Notebook:

The first is that he keeps what I call a ‘Stages’ notebook.  I write about this in my upcoming book about social media marketing for Sourcebooks, Inc.  A stages notebook is one of several notebooks that creative people use to develop their ideas.  The first notebook has early stage ideas.  Ideas that are worth developing are moved into a second stage notebook and worked on.  Then a third stage notebook receives the ideas that are worth taking further.  That way good ideas are not lost and can benefit from the incubation process…"


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  1. Thanks for the interest in my post about how Moleskine notebooks make a difference. I wouldn’t be without one!

    In my free ebook, Small Business 2.0 available from the blog, I also mention how Moleskine advertising tells a great story—an important concept for Web 2.0.

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