Fixing My Moleskine


This is a description of how I fixed my Moleskine that had outgrown it’s cover.

Anna Denise

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One thought on “Fixing My Moleskine

  1. And this is why I recommend the moleskine softcovers if you’re going to overstuff. They are a higher quality tool for the job at hand. No matter how nice the tool may look, or how you may associate the other tool with cheap (and the softcovers are not cheaply made… they are stitched with care just like the hardcovers), the right tool for the right job prevents things like this from being necessary.

    Casebound books will crack at the spine with an expanded block. The softcovers have additional material in the spine and will flex to support an expanded and non-symmetric block. Stick a pen into either at the center, and then slam both shut. Which takes the abuse, and which is damaged?

    On the other hand, if you’re only ever putting ink (or pencil) into it, the hardcover is a beautiful option: not requiring a flat surface to use, and having the nice feel of a classic volume. There’s a place for both tools, but too often people insist the hardcover is “better” in all cases, and view it as a shame that the (more durable for we accumulators of thickness) softcovers exist.

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