Hint: Notebook Pen Slip


Our friend Leslie Herger’s Pen Slip stars in a happy customer’s video:

"On of my "regulars" Olivia asked me to custom make her a PenSlip to go
with the red Moleskine planner but something not plain. I considered
hand distressing some black leather with pewter eyelet- it would look
stunning on the red planner, but it wasn’t  very special. It needed to
represent Olivia. We’ve worked together several times before and I know
she likes earthy tone and colors. So I sat on it waiting for
inspiration. I got out my black moleskine wrapped some brown cowhide
around it glued it for the time being and primed it. Leather takes
acrylic like crazy, acting like raw canvas if not primed. I looked at
the colors and items on Olivia’s website and blog. All earth. How could
I get that earthiness into the PenSlip?.."


© 2007 LH


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