LOST & FOUND Moleskine

Moleskinerie/FLICKR Moderator Che Moleman has opened a LOST & FOUND discussion thread:


I got this idea after reading a post by Gemma McTear here in
Moleskinerie on Flickr. She suggested a thread like this, but I figured
the idea was good enough to start a whole new thread.

Basically, if you have lost a Moleskine, let others know here. You’d be
surprised how many people read this. Likewise, if you have found
someone’s Moleskine, let them know here. This works strictly on the
honor system, but I’m sure that anyone who loses a personal notebook
like that would love it if someone else returned it.

A few basic "rules":

1. The world being what it is, don’t post personal information such as
addresses and phone numbers here. If someone feels their notebook is
the one found, Flickr makes it easy to contact the finder one on one.

2. Be honest. I’ve seen cases of blackmail or extortion (how ghastly!)
in other forums, let’s not sink to that level. I’m very impressed by
the level of professionalism and politeness in this group. Any
reward(s) offered is strictly at the discretion and responsibility of
the owner. Also, if there are other items found with the notebook,
leave them as is. Remember, the honor system works if everyone wants it

3. For now, let’s only post missing or found notebooks here. There are
several other threads which involve general discussions of losing a
notebook, but this one should be only for lost & found type posts