Malaysia: New Moleskine Display at CZipLee



Alvin Chen of CZipLee in Malaysia wrote to  tell us about their new dedicated in-store Moleskine display.

Check it out and drool!

10 thoughts on “Malaysia: New Moleskine Display at CZipLee

  1. Now that is beautiful. The closest I’ve come to seeing something like this was a display 1/3 the size in London. Here the closest I’ve seen is a display half the size of the one in London in the local Borders and Barnes & Chernobyl.

    If only, then I’d buy way more of them…

  2. It has been a dream come true for us to have the wall up too. A little tribute to ’em ol’ notebooks! Looking forward to meeting you guys when you come by!

    p.s Thanks again, Armand for putting us up! =)

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