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Whybark sent this good news:

We’re running an
across the board clearance at Amazon – every item, Moleskines and more (with a
few exceptions such as clocks) are listed at $1.99, plus our usual,
Amazon-average shipping rates. We have cancelled our $50-and-up free shipping
offer for the duration of the clearance. I thought your readers might want to
know. The listings should be for live inventory quantities, although in some
cases we may need to refund an item or two in case we run out – but with luck,
the online inventory counts will line up with the shelf stock

Visit their storefront.

25 thoughts on “Moleskine Books Clearance at

  1. This is such a great deal!!! It is true, they have both the large sketch Moleskine and the large Watercolor Moleskine for $1.99 each….It cost me more to have them shipped than it did to buy the Moleskines.

    It sort of makes me sick to think that just a month ago I paid a pretty penny for my large Sketch Moleskine, and now they are on sale for such an awesome price.

    It is nice to get a deal like this every once in a while!


  2. Wonderrrrrrful! I’m having them shipped to Canada and then i’ll have my aut to ship them to Italy.. they couldn’t be shipped here.. so sad!

  3. They’re unavailable to other countries, apparently. SO NOT FAIR – what’s the damn problem? I’d pay the extra postage. is horrible for people outside the US. I’ve never had any problems with, for instance………..

  4. Hmm… it appears my wallet has a hole in it, the way the money keeps running out…

    Thankfully the store ships to Canada, but the shipping costs are BRUTAL!

  5. Thanks for the tip. I loaded up on City Notebooks and a few small notebooks as well. Now I just need to make travel arrangements.

  6. Hi folks, sorry about not offering international shipping; that’s not a mistake. We discontinued international ordering after seeing high rates of returns and customs problems.

    Don’t forget about the non-Moleskine products, too! There’s a bunch of Kikkerland gewgaws and some other neat stuff in the mix. I’d say we’ve sold about half our inventory so far, so my guess is we’ll be done by the end of the day.

    Happy holidays!

  7. I got to this post kind of late so I missed the notebooks and sketchbooks (boo!) but I picked up a few citybooks because they are just so beautiful and you just never know…
    I also picked up some address books for gifts (and one for myself!).

    Thanks for posting this info!

  8. I ordered 5 ruled notebooks. I wish I had a spare $100 laying around. there were a lot of good bargains on Cross and Moleskine.

  9. This Not-Shipping-To-Anywhere-But-The-US is LAME. Lame, I tell you! Happily, Moleskines are now available at my local bookshop…. not for the excellent price of 1.99, but not having to pay for shipping charges makes up for that.

  10. Hey all,

    thanks for your orders! We are shipping as fast as we can, but the volume of orders is creating some delays in shipping. We expect to have all orders out by Monday.

    Also, we discovered an additional cache of Large Ruled Reporter, which I though you might be interested in taking a crack at. Here’s a direct link to our Moleskine Books WebStores by Amazon page for the item:

    Thanks again, and happy holidays!

  11. I placed two orders early in the morning on December 6. For the second, smaller order, I received a tracking email on the afternoon of December 8, and everything arrived promptly and in perfect order.

    I have received no confirmation for the first order, even though my account was charged ten days ago, and four telephone calls to Moleskine Books at the contact number listed on Amazon have gone unanswered. I’m going to really disappointed if my order does not arrive by Christmas, because I had planned on giving these books out as Christmas gifts to a number of my friends and family, and without this deal, I would not have been able to consider giving any gifts at all this Christmas, because my finances are really strained this year.

  12. I received my order (in Canada) yesterday. Nice notebooks, but I have to say, I LOVE spending $61 in shipping and handling for a package that cost $23 to ship…

  13. Definitely cheap, but shipping is as slow as hell.

    I still haven’t received them. Like others, I had hoped to give them as holiday/Christmas gifts.

    About 18 days later, and, my mailbox is still empty. What a shame that they have great sales, but are unprepared to handle the inevitable shopping rush.

  14. Another note about the shipping estimates for moleskine books– ignore them. They are nonsense. I, too, had a delivery estimate of Dec. 12. HA, HA. Funny. It’s December 23 and I, too, am waiting.

  15. They will never get there, the seller is a fraud and they were trying to steal your money. Please moleskinerie, never link to this Amazon seller again. They are absolutely horrible to deal with and will not ship the product. They took a lot of my friend’s money. I’ll expand on the story if anyone wants.
    Noted. – Admin

  16. I’d like to hear more, Collin — I did get my order, but was not pleased with the shipping rates and with their communication…

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