Moleskine in Kandahar




I have been drawing in Moleskine notebooks for about 4 years.  I used them to keep journals during a military deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2004-05.

When I knew I was getting deployed to Afghanistan I started collecting art supplies that I could transport and keep in a small bag, I really wanted a hard backed notebook because I wanted something that would be practical and survive the experience, the Moleskin book really saved the day.

I also have a website that has several moleskin drawings in it, follow the drawing link on the front page.

Bill Donovan

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Inkstained Hands
Diamond in your Mind
L’Oiseau Parle

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One thought on “Moleskine in Kandahar

  1. I have been getting a lot of traffic to my websites, and some nice emails from people who have checked out my drawings.

    The community of people who are into Moleskine notebooks appears to be very creative, curious, and vital. Awesome!

    -Bill Donovan

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