New York City Moleskine: Travel guidebook & journal


In prior to going to New York on a business trip in November 2007, I
had first thought that this would be a good opportunity to try the
Moleskine City Notebook series.

When I checked a sample of the New York notebook at a stationery shop,
however, there was a section or two in it that I had trouble figuring
out how to use efficiently.

I contacted a well-traveled internet friend of mine whom I consider as
a reliable source of stationery items and asked that person’s opinion
on the New York City Notebook; an email from that person confirmed my
doubts on the notebook.

Consequently, I bought a pocket Moleskine with squared pages – my
favorite type – and converted it into a guidebook as I did for my trip
to Paris in 2005, pasting trimmed printouts from several webpages
(including local maps) and writing down information on NYC that I found
indispensable. I also used it as a travel journal for the trip.

For me, the custom-made notebook worked well throughout my stay in NYC.


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3 thoughts on “New York City Moleskine: Travel guidebook & journal

  1. The local Barnes & Noble finally got some of these in. Thankfully one of them was open and I was able to see what they are like. I would love to buy one of these but I think I will wait until version 2.0 is available. I’d rather have the option of the larger size. The small size is more convenient but less so when I try to use it so I’d rather the larger size. Also, all of the paper is plain. I’d rather lined or even squared but not plain. And then, as far as I remember, they were all perforated so they could be removed. Why do they all need to be perforated? And then there are no guides to anything at all. I understand the idea is to create your own but at the price I’d expect something rather than nothing at all.

  2. I have a related question–do others have recommendations on the kind of paper to use for pasted-in printouts, as well as recommendations for the best type of glue to use? Any other tricks or suggestions?

    I’m in the middle of making a similar DIY guide to the Phoenix area–Phoenix isn’t in the plans for an official Moleskine City notebook. I’m also planning on using biking maps instead of other street guides because that’s how I navigate around the town.

  3. Rebecca & D – thank you for your comments related to the NYC travel notebook image that I took.

    I don’t have any particular recommendations on paper but I use a stick type of glue called Pritt for pasting printouts to my Moleskines. It’s a dry kind of glue that’ll make a piece of paper stick firmly with one swipe and won’t create any “bumps” after you’ve pasted it to a page.

    I have heard there’s a kind of glue that you can stick and remove pieces of paper like a Post-It but I haven’t tried that yet.

    If you’re planning to make a cycling map, maybe you could consider using a spiral notebook rather than a Moleskine (I feel uncomfortable saying this on this site :D) so you can keep it open always where you want it to be and navigate efficiently.

    As a matter of fact, I also found myself wishing the pages in the City Notebook would at least be with lines – if not my preferred squares – instead of being plain.

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