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“Devil May Care”

Latest dispatch from M16 News:"Following the news of Penguin’s early publicity push on the upcoming James Bond continuation novel "Devil May Care" earlier in the week, the Guardian reports some more details on the event. Penguin transformed its penthouse into … Continue reading

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The 12 Stages of the Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again — the season of the office holiday party. This video is inspired by the new "Working For The Man" book. Watch the video. Book link. Previously mentioned here.

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Marc Orchant on GTD

  Marc Orchant passed away on Sunday, December 9. We repost this piece in remembrance.……………………………………… How much of GTD is about computers/technology? What kind of software is out there that people are using for GTD? Looks like it’s not just … Continue reading

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Hint: Notebook Pen Slip

Our friend Leslie Herger’s Pen Slip stars in a happy customer’s video: "On of my "regulars" Olivia asked me to custom make her a PenSlip to go with the red Moleskine planner but something not plain. I considered hand distressing … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Marian Bantjes

Zoom In Online has a nice video of graphic artist Marian Bantjes: A portrait of world-renowned designer, illustrator and typographer Marian Bantjes during her appearance at the recent Design Matters Live event presented by Adobe and the AIGA. Marian shares … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Irina Troitskaya

I started my first Moleskine only one month ago. May be one and a half, I can’t say exactly. I only remember that I didn’t dare draw in it for a couple of days. Moleskine seemed too perfect! But at … Continue reading

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The 2007 Moleskinerie Holiday Giveaways

Welcome to the 2007 Holiday Giveaways. To thank you for yet another successful year, Moleskinerie and  Moleskine prepared a number of prizes –  comprised of course of Moleskine notebooks and diaries. We will have a number of weekly raffle draws … Continue reading

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Moleskine Business Moo Card Hack

Tongue-twister of a mod by Dave Terry but pretty cool: "Whenever I meet someone I want to give them a business card. Putting them in the wallet makes them dog eared. So I put a few slices into the stiff … Continue reading

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Why do we read diaries?

Louis Menand has a nice piece on the New Yorker about diary-keeping: "The impulse to keep a diary is to actual diaries as the impulse to go on a diet is to actual slimness. Most of us do wish that … Continue reading

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New York City Moleskine: Travel guidebook & journal

In prior to going to New York on a business trip in November 2007, I had first thought that this would be a good opportunity to try the Moleskine City Notebook series. When I checked a sample of the New … Continue reading

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