The Notebooks of William Seddon Brown

Sketching the house of old friends

Name: William Seddon Brown
Born: 29th of June 1941 in Manchester, U.K.

Bll is a retired manager of an international agro-chemical company
who has spent most of his professional life overseas especially in the
Far East. He is a long time resident of Hong Kong and has worked and
traveled for his company in China. This work took him to far flung very
remote areas such as Tibet when it was relatively closed to foreigners.
A "true" international citizen he is retired in the small mountain
state of Andorra (of post stamp fame!) in the Pyrenees, between Spain
and France, about 2 -3 hours from Barcelona by car. He also keeps a
base in Brussels, Belgium. His wife Vicky is a former Belgian tennis
youth champion and both of them share a penchant for action sports and
traveling. Mr. Seddon-Brown is a passionate gardener and is involved in
parks and garden association work.
During his extensive travels Bill never leaves without his trusted
pocket sketch books. His Moleskine are numbered and marked. They are visual
travel diaries. Bill likes to sit down in parks and public spaces especially
around the Mediterranean coast of Spain, France and Italy and sketch details of
old villas and parks. Looking at one of his Moleskine diaries of recent years
the well known glass pyramid at the Paris Louvre museum compound sticks out.


Bll remembers a funny story about that.

"When I was sketching this
scene in a busy bistro at the Louvre the waiter came several time to my seat,
bent over and said: ..oh, a nice work! When I was about finished he again passed
by and had a look at the sketch…really good work! But you still have to pay
for your cappuccino!!"


At the houses of friends Bill spends some time off and wanders around
the property. He often comes back with a lot of sketches, much to the delight of
his friends who use the drawings for
invitation cards, etc."

Text and photos by Robert Riethmueller
Cebu, Philippines

© 2005 RR All Rights Reserved.