The Principles of Uncertainty


"The Principles of Uncertainty is an irresistible invitation to
experience life through the psyche of Maira Kalman, one of this
country’s most beloved artists. The result is a book that is part
personal narrative, part documentary, part travelogue, part chapbook,
and all Kalman. Her brilliant, whimsical paintings, ideas, and
images-which initially appear random-ultimately form an intricately
interconnected worldview, an idiosyncratic inner monologue. Kalman
contends with some existential questions-What is identity? What is
happiness? Why do we fight wars? And then, of course, death, love, and
candy (not necessarily in that order)…"

The Principles of Uncertainty (Hardcover)
by Maira Kalman

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2 thoughts on “The Principles of Uncertainty

  1. We lost everything in Katrina, and are finally in our new home. So, now I have the wonderful task of filling book shelves. I came across this book and loved it for its cover alone, so ordered it online. Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I was not familiar with Maira Kalman. Pre-Katrina, my bookshelves were filled with many self-help books (that apparently I never read – ha!) This book is so much more entertaining and thought-provoking. I laughed, I cried, enjoyed every page.

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