A pocket notebook in The Palm Beach Story


Moleskinerie friend Michael Leddy has discovered another gem:

"John D. Hackensacker III (Rudy Vallee) is buying clothes for Geraldine "Gerry" Jeffers (Claudette Colbert). Why? Because Gerry has no clothes, because she left her suitcase, or so she says, in the Ale and Quail Club’s car, which was uncoupled from the rest of the train after the club’s members shot up the lounge car. What John D. doesn’t know is that there was no suitcase in the Ale and Quail Club’s car. Gerry had to abandon her suitcase in a confrontation with her husband Tom (Joel McCrea) as she boarded a taxi to Penn Station so as to get on a train to Palm Beach and get a divorce.

But all that aside: John D. Hackensacker III is keeping track of his purchases in a pocket notebook…"

More at Michael’s blog, Orange Crate Art.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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