Custom made datebook


Here I used a plan pocket Moleskine and drew a week on two page spread.
I used a light grey pen so that it wouldn’t bleed through. Note that I
just put the dates. Monday starts at the upper left and Sunday ends on
the second to the last box on the page. It leaves an empty box for
overflow on any one day. I use a simple arrow to point to the extra box
if needed. A small pen 0.5 or 0.38 works fine. Stiff bookmark post-it
tabs are used for the current month and week.

After this and the previous months I still have about 80 blank pages left for notes.

Dave Terry

Month view here.
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One thought on “Custom made datebook

  1. These things all sound cool in theory, but I just can’t see myself going through all this trouble when there are viable options where I don’t have to go through this, drawing lines to create every week. But cheers if this is your thing.

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