Happy Birthday, Moleskinerie! A Message from Moleskine.

As we celebrate Moleskinerie’s fourth birthday, we have an exciting announcement about our Moleskinerie community.  Moleskine belongs to all – to its publisher but equally, and more importantly, to its community of friends and supporters.  Moleskinerie is a truly unique place for the spontaneous and carefree expression of your sensibilities.  We are thankful for your ongoing support and respect the love that so many have shown Moleskine. To ensure the continuity of the blog and guarantee its integrity and also to provide support for Moleskinerie initiatives, Moleskine has decided to officially acquire Moleskinerie.

We hope that Moleskinerie will continue its mission of independent expression and attract even more Moleskine friends.

Moleskine is committed to delivering high quality books and upholding the tradition of the brand. We are regularly designing and releasing new products, and would love to hear feedback from the Moleskine enthusiasts that form the Moleskinerie community!

In other Moleskine news, beginning January 2008, Moleskine notebooks are going to be distributed in the US by Chronicle Books, and in Canada by Raincoast.  You will continue to find Moleskine at all of your favorite bookstores and stationery shops!

We wish Moleskinerie a happy fourth Birthday and look forward to many more years.  As always we are very much looking forward to receiving your feedback. Stay in touch!


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Moleskinerie! A Message from Moleskine.

  1. Hi:

    So what does, Moleskine officially acquiring Moleskinerie, mean?

    All the best of the day!

    John: Moleskinerie.com is now part of the Moleskine.com family.
    – Armand

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you the best success with the Moleskine.com partnership.

    Does this mean more exciting contests in 2008? 🙂

  3. Is that a price increase that I see?

    The Chronicle Books website lists the pocket notebooks now at $12 USD.

    They used to be $10 in my area. Coincidence/store differences, or more across the board price increases?
    Prices vary according to the retail environment and the decision of the retailer.
    – ABF

  4. Congratulation my friend,Armand!
    And Happy 4th Birthday to Moleskinerie:-)I look forward to see/read more interesting contents this year.

  5. Congratulations! Another year of fun and excitement to begin. You’ve done an outstanding job with this website and become a friend to all who love, carry, and use the “little black book.” The meaning of that expression has taken a new form with the advent of Moleskine and Moleskinerie.com . . .

    I look forward to another year of excitement, entertainment and information from this website. I look forward to assisting you with any task you assign.

    Happy Birthday – MOLESKINERIE

  6. I’m sure you’re very proud, Armand. Congratulations! More power, and cheers to more passion projects in the coming years.

    We’re all proud of you!

  7. So, if I understand correctly, you guys sold out to capitalism?
    You are entitled to your own perception.

    – Armand B. Frasco

  8. What I meant to say – in too few words probably – is: you must have started this website for love of the moleskine notebook. I love them too :). Splendid idea to have a website where we can sing praise to the notebooks, and bitch about them when their makers make mistakes – which they will, eventually. Some day. Everybody does. Will you still be entitled to your own perception, here, now that they own you?
    I believe I will. So far I haven’t seen any indications to the contrary. I’ve said this before and I say this again – when its not fun anymore then I’ll move on. For now, I’ll be here. – ABF.

  9. Congratulations on the excellent work! You deserve more praise for allowing the World’s Moleskinerie fans to congregate and share their feelings for such an awesome product! Happy Birthday!

    Thank You Armand!

  10. Happy Birthday! 😀

    I have always been a closet Moleskine fan and just ordered my first one today! It’s a 2008 Pocket Weekly Diary. I’m hoping it will help me stay organized this year with all my school stuff.

    But I have to ask/wonder… Why are the 2008 Pocket Weekly Diaries so hard to find, and when you do finally find one, it is soooo expensive??? It’s not even a full month into 2008 yet, so I don’t understand that. Lots of sites even flat out say it is discontinued.

    Luckily I finally found one at a good price and should recieve it sometime next week. 😀

  11. Congratulations!

    What a complement Armand, you should be very pround. We’re all so thankful for your hard work here, and happily the makers agree and recognise your dedication. Happy Birthday Moleskinerie! and Congratulations Armand! yours, kate / 23rdspiral.

    ps, Ali.S – i agree, havnt yet found a pocket weekly diary for 08, my previous shops said they never had any :0(

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