Holiday Notebooks



My husband and I decided to use our creativity to make presents for our many friends – when cash is short, one makes do, and I’ve been decorating cahiers with images of my husband’s paintings for a while now.

We stocked up on cahiers and let loose with papers and paints and glue.

We each did seven notebooks, and we collaborated on two. We covered them with Japanese origami papers, magazine cutouts, paint, some bright thick sticker paper thing (don’t know the appropriate name). Some notebooks had the back pocket removed, and the inside covers covered in bright contrasting paper (the yellow and purple notebook on the top left-hand corner has orange and green inside covers). We then covered then in clear stick-on plastic to protect them.

They were well received, and I’ve no doubt we’ll do it


[Note: The notebook on the left covered in red and pink isn’t a Moleskine].

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Notebooks

  1. I had given cahiers for Christmas to my sister and my cousin, but I didn’t think of making them this cool. What you did was great! I’m inspired!

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