Independent film “Helvetica”


If you haven’t seen Helvetica yet:

The film features on-camera interviews with such type design giants such as: Wim Crouwel, Herman Zapf, Erik Spiekermann and Massimo Vignelli to name but a few.  However, the film goes much further:

It is a remarkable essay that illuminates how the complex and dynamic interactions of modern typography and visual design incorporate aesthetics, legibility, iconography, and artistic expression within our post-modern graphic mass communication medium.

The film is currently available for instant viewing on Netflix and more information, including some clips of the film can be found on its website.

[Thanks Christopher]

One thought on “Independent film “Helvetica”

  1. Excellent documentary! It’s mad me want to go back and look at Vignelli’s work as well as the whole design woprld of the mid-’50s to early ’60s— the high noon of Modernism.

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