Lined Card Insert


Here’s a classic by Molly from ’06:

I can’t write straight without lines, and there are the times I need
to. Especially when I am using a dip pen and shellac based ink. So I
printed a card with lines that can be seen thru the moleskine journal
page and keep it in the back, along with the blotter paper card.

molly1216 @ FLICKR

© All rights reserved. Used with permission

4 thoughts on “Lined Card Insert

  1. I’ve seen something similar in Japan. They use shitajiki – pencil boards to prevent indentations being made onto the other pages behind the one you’re writing on.

    Some have the lines while most have characters/mascots. Generally in plastic and usually in bigger sizes. Anyone else seen these? Know if they make them in a size suitable for moleskines?

  2. I print out a 1/4″ graph template on cardstock to use in my plain pocket Moleskine. The back side doubles as a blotter since I use a fountain pen to write in my journal/idea book.

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