Moleskine Watercolor Kit



The Watercolor kit was made using the "2006 Daily Diary". I used an Exacto knife, Cutting rail, strong paper glue and some of the blank pages to build up the paper to hold a watercolor kit cut from a travel set I have. The plastic watercolor kit is permanently fixed into the paper box but the individual wells can be removed for changing out new ones. There is a pocket for blotting paper which is the original pocket, as well as a new pocket on top of the original for a metal pan. I have also made a larger pocket next to the color wells to hold two water pen brushes so I have no need for carrying water. The whole kit is held together with the original elastic strap.

This little kit works really well and looks great for when I am out and about with my Moleskine book for the kit lays flat and holds everything I need to be used with my pen and

Laird Maresch

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