Most Memorable Entry for 2007


m.fotografie asked:

It’s that time of year when all I see & hear on the TV and radio are countdowns and "memorable moments of 2007". So it got me started thinking, what is my most memorable entry in my Moleskine Notebook? More importantly…what’s yours? 

biffybeans says:

in 2007, I documented a lot of firsts. 1st surgery, (hernia) 1st root canal, 1st time to Atlanta, 1st rental car & 1st hotel room, (by myself) 1st time seeing Van Halen w/ DLR in 23 years, first performances with the Jamani Drummers, (I think 9 performances altogether, including one at the Ritz Carlton in NYC) 1st Creme Brulee, first 4 hour solo drive, 1st time recording a CD, 1st time reading a Christopher Moore book, (and now I’m hooked) 1st workshop with Ubaka Hill.

May 2008 be even better….


Every entry in a Moleskine notebook is a memorable one. I often sit and read old entries. It’s like traveling back in time in a time machine. Even entries of visits to rural road house coffee and tea houses, local bars after a long hike in the woods, a truck stop after ending up in a ditch in a snow storm make memorable entries. I write a lot of stuff in my Moleskine note book with lots of photos. I print my photos on thin glossy photo paper in small sizes and paste them in my book. Like a slide show of my life. 2007 I filled out close to 4 Moleskine books. Can life get any better?

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