New Moleskine Volant coming in February!


"According to the Unilibro shop site new Moleskine Volant in different colors and size will be available in February. They’ll be soft covered and available in 3 size (a new extra small size, pocket size, large site) in black, blue, green and pink color. Will be sold in a group of two and each group has different color tone (ie the green will have a lighter green and a darker green Volant). It seems that the squared are missing, only plain and ruled.

Here is the link

No image is given, though, only text descriptions."

Greetings from Italy, Benedetto

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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11 Responses to New Moleskine Volant coming in February!

  1. Alice Chang says:

    I would live to see the volant series again!

    Several years ago, I saw that these soft cover notebooks were out of production. So I try to stock several blank ones, and have tried not to use up all of them too quickly. :p

    This is a happy news!!

  2. John says:

    If there are no squared I won’t be making a purchase. That saves me some money!

  3. Shirley says:

    What I want to know is, when/where in this country? Amazon doesn’t know about them yet and it might take a while for them to filter into the stationers where I usually get my ‘skines.

  4. Sophie Brown says:

    I think maybe Italian? I would guess because that’s where they’re manufactured. It’s doubtful that they would come out in South America, but I really don’t know the difference between Italian and Spanish. And if they’re just coming out in Italy now, there would still be a wait of 6 months. Or even longer.

  5. Brenda says:

    I’m still patiently waiting for the soft cover Moleskines to come out here in the States.

  6. Shirley says:

    What’s the difference between the softcover moleskines and the Volants? They sound pretty silimar.

  7. Jason Mousseau says:

    The Amazon site is for the pocket diary, not a Volant. I’m having a hard time believing the Volant’s are returning. After taking the time to “downgrade” the series to the cahiers what would be the reason for bringing them back? Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve hoped, written letters, made calls – anything I could think of to see the Volant’s return but I’ve always hit a dead end. If anyone can actually confirm the Volant’s are returning I’d be very grateful as the folks at moleskine seem to be frustrated with me these days….


  8. Jason Mousseau says:

    It seems I answered my own question….


    Amazing timing!

    I was just updating the Wikipedia page here:


    Alastair Campbell
    t: 0870 067 5635

  9. Bexquisite says:

    Just when I thought I owned every possible Moleskine, along comes the Volant!

    I spotted a whole host of Moleskine Volants in the London department store Selfridges today, which was made all the more exciting by the fact that I wasn’t expecting them just yet. I couldn’t not purchase, so I bought the new mini size (6.5 by 10.5 cm), plain and in blue, although I like the blue iris and the fuschia colours best – not so much, the pale pink and navy blue.

    My instant reaction to the introduction of colour was “not good” but then I reacted the same way when the iPod Nano was available in colours other than white (interestingly, the the palette of colours of the Volant is very similar to that of the old generation iPod Nano), and now, colourful iPods seem perfectly natural. Some brands are just far stronger than a single colour.

  10. yo diseno says:

    Yes! Thank you. I know it may be a mere notebook but it it’s a near perfect product that makes my life easier… the cover of the cahiers was just not durable enough for heavy use. I am down to my last [rationed] Volant and have been searching for more like others have. Now if only BIC will bring back the solid black Great Erase mechanical pencil! Thank again Moleskin. Smart move.

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