New Year Resolutions


dakegra says:

so, fellow Moleskinerists. What are your resolutions for 2008?

E Journeys:

I dedicate myself to the following for 2008:

* Daily work on Book #6, preparation of Deviations: Appetite (Book #2), and any other work in preparation for Aisling.
* Work on short fiction and poetry projects.
* Reading/Researching/Marketing smaller pieces.
* Keep abreast of literature and involved in SFWA activities.
* Stay healthy: exercise, healthy foods, enough sleep.
* Stay well-grounded for conventions: travel, panels, networking, etc.
* Keep on top of schedules and prioritize!
* Honor the Muse in whatever way She comes, in whatever format.
* Keep connected to readers and get out there.
* Do not be afraid to go for the gusto. Do not fear risk. You only take this ride once.
* Keep persevering and keep the faith! Keep your eyes on the prize and follow the dream.
* Give thanks daily and live each day to the fullest.

Write. Reveal. Bear Witness. Evidence the Human Condition.
Be Honest. Be Visible.
Do What You Were Meant To Do. DAILY.

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