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Sighting: Fiat 515 TV Commercial

Dayzee_M asked at Moleskinerie/FLICKR: "There’s a new commercial for the Fiat 500 (Car of the Year), which features many Everyday Masterpieces, as they call them. The commercials shows lots of objects, like the Italian espressomaker, dices, paperclip and… a Moleskine! … Continue reading

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Midnight Disease

Alice Flaherty couldn’t stop writing. Following the deaths of her premature twin boys, the Harvard Medical School neurologist fell into a hole of grief. But after about 10 days, she awoke one morning with an overwhelming desire to put everything … Continue reading

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Moleskine and Photography

Check out Bob AuBuchon’s Moleskine photo notebook. At FLICKR, here and here.

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Inspiration: Isabel Allende

In one of the most beloved talks from TED2007, novelist Isabel Allende talks about writing, women, passion, feminism. She tells the stories of powerful women she has known, some larger-than-life (listen for a beauty tip from Sophia Loren), and some … Continue reading

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The Leaning Tower of Moleskine

All of my moleskines (at least I think thats all of them…) are out of the boxes and together…and if you pick through the lot you’ll see some new ones… As you can see here…here is the orginal leaning tower…The … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Dilemma

Inspired by the wonderful sketches shared at Moleskinerie, I finally succumbed to buying my first moleskine….without lines. As an ardent disciple of the mantra "stay between the lines" in my journaling over the years, I seem to be more comfortable … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Paolo Pellegrin

Paolo Pellegrin was born in Rome in 1964, and worked for the French agency ‘Vu’ and the Italian ‘Grazia Neri’. In 2001 he became a Magnum nominee, and in 2003 was accepted as an associate. His first major awards came … Continue reading

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1st Moleskine Page on the First Day of the New Year

From Mary Duan: "I got to celebrate New Year’s Day with an unusual 68-degree day, sun, friends and my new 2008 Moleskine at the beach. I don’t know if you can see the writing, but it says "We’re kicking 2007 … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions

dakegra says: so, fellow Moleskinerists. What are your resolutions for 2008? E Journeys: I dedicate myself to the following for 2008: * Daily work on Book #6, preparation of Deviations: Appetite (Book #2), and any other work in preparation for … Continue reading

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Holiday Notebooks

My husband and I decided to use our creativity to make presents for our many friends – when cash is short, one makes do, and I’ve been decorating cahiers with images of my husband’s paintings for a while now. We … Continue reading

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