Recent Movie Sightings


Dave Bullock alerted us to a familiar notebook in this movie.

Movie link

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Also, Lani Teshima and Donald Friedman alerted us about Daniel Day-Lewis’ notebook in "There Will Be Blood":

There are little peeks at what looks like a pocket-sized notebook, but
there is a scene where Day-Lewis’s character is in a meeting with some
bigwigs when he slaps his notebook down on the table. It lands, and the
camera stays on the view so that you can very clearly tell the telltale
signs of the pocket Moleskine, with its hardcover black cover and
elastic band!

Movie link

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Recent Movie Sightings

  1. Sam Nielsen says:

    I might add that the moleskine seemed to be prominent in the movie ‘Shooter’ with Mark Wahlburg. in the beginning, where he is mapping and planning co-ordinates in a moleskine. later on, a FBI agent is in a bell tower, recording mesurements in a little black notebook with a familiar elastic band hanging off the back cover…

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