The Last Calligraphers


"For centuries, handwriting was the definitive mark of social status, education and liberal values in India. Calligraphers mastered the swooping Urdu script in ivory-tower institutions and penned copies of the Koran for wealthy patrons. The pinnacle of a katib’s achievement meant a seat at court and a chance to earn the sultan’s ear." – Scott Carney

The Musalman is the only handwritten newspaper in Asia and has been operational since 1927. Here is their story.


[via Design Observer]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to The Last Calligraphers

  1. ksklein says:

    wow. thanks for the link. i´m going to watch that movie!

  2. GrannyKass says:

    Wow! Is an understatment. I can’t wait for the full film.

    It is a wonder to see there are those who feel so strongly about the hand written word to the extent of reproducing as a newspaper. Oh, if educators in the US put as much emphasis on handwriting in schools.

    Armand, please keep us posted on the release of the full version of this film.

    Thanks so much!

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