The Leaning Tower of Moleskine


All of my moleskines (at least I think thats all of them…) are out of the boxes and together…and if you pick through the lot you’ll see some new ones…

As you can see here…here is the orginal leaning tower…
The Original Leaning Tower of Moleskine

As I look at it now (10 minutes later)…I’m missing some of the larger cahier at the bottom…um…

This gives new meaning to the one with most at the end…..

Lost in Scotland

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One Response to The Leaning Tower of Moleskine

  1. Lise says:

    That is the most arousing photo I’ve seen all day, not for an obvious reason, but to see that many moleskines (mostly used) is fantastic, all at once, grids, smooth silky paper, creative fillings, leather covers, lacky bindings, oooooh its almost sexual, mmmmmm!

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