The First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibit


We’re excited to celebrate the fourth birthday of Moleskinerie with a retrospective of selected works from our friends and supporters around the world. We would like to recognize this group of writers, artists, bloggers and thinkers who have been featured on the blog in the last year and have consistently used Moleskine in their professional or private pursuits.

The works will be displayed in a permanent gallery on Moleskinerie, updated monthly, starting January 12th, 2008. To honor the participants, Moleskine has created for the artists a limited edition of notebooks and diaries.

This is only the first of what we hope will be many editions of the Exhibit. We hope that you will enjoy the gallery and that it will inspire creative dialogue and foster deeper understanding between cultures.

See the gallery

For the participants, the Limited Edition Moleskinerie 4th Anniversary Collection.




13 thoughts on “The First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibit

  1. will we see more of the gallery monthly?
    Yes, there will be additional entries in the coming months. – A

  2. i was to try to find a notebook which have a next title: TWO GIRLS DANCING but i can’t find out, this notebook was distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books.
    I wish answered to you if you can tell me where i can find and buy this notebook

  3. Yes, there will be additional entries in the coming months.

    — any updates? don’t mean to be pushy, just curious ^_^
    these were so cool

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