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Anatomy of Restlessness.

I am finishing up Bruce Chatwin’s Anatomy of Restlessness. Being jobless and stuck in my apartment most days while Mrs. P is at work, I found this book both thrilling and depressing. I am a big Chatwin fan, but I … Continue reading

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Happy Leap Year Day!

From BoingBoing: "To celebrate Leap Year, Doty sent out this delightful card of a Rube Goldberg-style machine designed to get you out of bed. Doty sends out a card for nearly every season and holiday. I think it’s because he … Continue reading

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Custom Engraved Moleskines

You’ve seen the "Unicorn". Now you can create your own. "We now offer an online custom engraving service that makes it easy to upload custom images, and even engrave a title on the spine. We offer royalties on submitted art … Continue reading

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Sighting: “The Prestige”

Over the weekend I finally watched the DVD of The Prestige (2006). The story revolves around two competing magicians, much of it around their journals that contain their secrets. Great movie, highly recommended. Chris M. "The Prestige"Movie linkIMDB profile

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An Introduction to Journal Writing

I’ve received quite a few requests to repost this classic: Douglas Johnston of D*I*Y Planner is starting a new book project and shares the first draft: "Journal writing. What a terrifying and intimidating concept to many of us. It’s rather … Continue reading

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PARIS – the grand scale

Dedicated to Dominique, my most favourite and the most chic ‘frog’ and Karen who put the whole trip together and got us a great table at the World Place It was Bronwen’s choice, we wanted a half term trip, she … Continue reading

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The Sketches of JazzBa

I’m now a graduate student in SCAD and major in illustration. What i’m doing now is to strengthen my basic drawing and rendering skills and hope someday I could really establish my own way to interpret what’s happening in the … Continue reading

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Poem by Carla Chait

Moleskine you’re so thin let me have you for dinner I promise to fill you up from within even if it kills her Who cares if she’s practically vegan we’ll have sirloin all over Moleskine you’re brimming with unwritten inventions … Continue reading

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Movie Notebook

Lani Teshima and Donald Friedman alerted us about Daniel Day-Lewis’ notebook in "There Will Be Blood": There are little peeks at what looks like a pocket-sized notebook, but there is a scene where Day-Lewis’s character is in a meeting with … Continue reading

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Christian Webber: Supersized

Here’s a couple of close up scans from Christian Webber’s notebook. Related post

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