A review of the leather Moleskine cover by Gfeller Casemakers


Gfeller primarily makes leather goods for geologists and scientists who need to carry tools on their person. It is my understanding that these are carried over many many years of hard use. Most of the leather they work with tends to be very light when new, and ages with a wonderful patina. They have a pantone guide on their site that indicates how the leather changes color over time. My cover has already changed in color.

I first saw this cover on a blog written by Paul Saffo. He had the prototype which is slightly different than the one I purchased. I had several email exchanges with the owner of Gfeller, Steve Derricott. He was really nice, and very prompt in responding to my questions.

After speaking with Steve, I placed my order. It arrived via priority mail in a flat envelope. When I opened the package I was amazed at how flat the cover was. The leather was light in color, waiting for age and use, and very soft. It begs to be touched. The inside flaps are sewn part way to allow access to the back pocket. The craftsmanship was wonderful. Each cover is numbered individually, and stamped with the Gfeller trademark.

The cover itself seems very much in keeping with the style of Moleskines themselves. It is slim and understated. This cover offers wonderful details, such as access to the back pocket AND the elastic strap. Even before it is "broken in", it still allows the notebook to lie perfectly flat. I really like it. I am actually more faithful to journaling and writing notes in it because the cover and notebook are such a joy to use.

You can see photos of it on my FLICKR account.

I am not affiliated with Gfeller Casemakers or Steve Derricott, I just love pens, notebooks, etc.

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2 thoughts on “A review of the leather Moleskine cover by Gfeller Casemakers

  1. Thanks April! I’ve been thinking it’d be nice to a have a leather cover on my Moleskine but didn’t want it to appear as an add-on.
    Yours looks perfect. And when I get one I’m sure that like you, I’ll be more diligent in my writing.

  2. After reading about them from Paul Saffo’s blog, I ordered one for my notebook. I liked so much that I ordered another for my datebook. The fit is perfect on both of them. One added bonus from the covers is that you get an additional pocket on the front cover.

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