eBay is full of ’em. Etsy has stuff made with them. What is Gocco? Here’s a good primer:

"The Print Gocco was developed specifically as a "kitchen table
printer." In its home country, it’s been so popular over its
three-decade life that it’s estimated that one-third of Japanese
households own one. (That would put it on par with things like toaster
ovens and sewing machines in the US.)

Print Gocco is a small version of a few elements commonly used in
screen printing: the hinge clamps that hold your screen and the
exposure unit that frequent printers use to create their screens. The
screens themselves have several layers, one solid. The ink goes between
the layers, and pressure is applied, causing the ink to squeeze out and
onto your paper.

You can clean screens and save them to re-use, and you can buy
special fabric that will allow you to make screens on the Gocco that
you can use to screen-print in a more traditional way."

Learn more in this DIY Life article by M.E. Williams

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