Green and Pink Moleskine Volants


Special editions or colorful editions are just like us– diverse and thriving with creativity.

More options can attract new users and give ‘old’ users a way to occasionally add variety in form or color. It’s like the "reporter" notebooks are to the "pocket" editions. We all love the pocket editions, but find an occasional special use for the reporter editions. Similarly, Cahiers serve another purpose for short-term note taking in a (sometimes) cheaper, or at least thinner/bendable medium.

The pocket editions might scream history, but the "new" forms (reporter, resurrected volant, and cahiers) and new special edition colors scream progress.

The standard black will always be available: colors are not a threat, they are a way to further embrace a brand. I’ll bet plenty of people will still choose black. There’s the current red, the previous special edition Van Gogh editions in 5 colors, and the Moleskine Zoom edition (4 nature patterns). Maybe there’s even more than those varieties.

It’s like the current special red editions. We pick up a few of them, but have a dozen black ones awaiting us. I hope that these colorful editions will come to the Moleskine pocket notebooks, allowing us more options and variety.

christyio @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
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