How did you first discover the Moleskine?


laserone  says:

I’m just curious, how (and when) did you all first discover the moleskine?

discovered it because of Flickr, because of the "What’s In Your Bag?"
photo pool. I love surfing that photo pool and I kept seeing Moleskines
repeated over and over in so many people’s bags. I’m like "what’s the
big deal?" and read up on them. Next thing I know I’m "jumping on the
bandwagon" and I may be a latecomer to the trend but I am SO glad I
found Moleskines. Because of this handy little book I’m drawing and
writing more than I ever have. 🙂

What about you guys? How/when did you discover it?

minkoff says:

discovered them five years ago in a bookstore by chance. I had no idea
of the Moleskine "legend" i just liked it, the size, the leather cover,
the paper, the pocket and the elastic band, everything!
I had been
looking for the perfect notebook for many years and i had finally found
it…so i bought one! and i have been using them since then. It’s a
long-term relationship 🙂

I also remember that they were really
hard to find then. I guess now it’s easier to buy them and i don’t have
to spend a lot of time searching in stores, but the difficulties made
my Moleskines more "precious" in some way :))

cherryblossom in japan says:

I saw moleskines set out in Waterstones the bookstore.
I was drawn to the display initially by the coloured bands around them.
Bought the ruled notebook, and then the squared.
Use the ruled as a daily diary of thoughts, and the squared as a daily planner and for writing down
other thoughts that choose to jump into my head.
I am now a moleskine junkie.
It’s official.

jfcorzo says:

I discover my first Moleskine in France in
March 19 2006, I was walking on the Champs Elysees and a store called
my attention, I got in saw the first ruled pocket notebook and I tought
it was too expensive 15 euros, but I really wanted it, the next day I
went to Galeries Lafayette and bought 2, 12.50 each one and since that
day I can’t live without it.

lady_day says:

a handsome southern boy with a dimple in his chin told me about them, and showed me the pocket in the back.

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  1. I first saw Moleskine at the local Barnes & Noble,(way before they has their own display) being an obsessive notebook collector I bought one of each size and format. That was in 2002, not having a particular use for the notebooks they sat in a box in my house until one day in 2005 a friend needed a small pocket notebook that he could carry around to meetings. So I pulled out the Moleskines showed my friend he instantly feel in love with the small grid so he was hooked. I then started to see that these notebooks needed to come out of the box and be used, so I gave it much thought and figured out how I was going to use these Moleskine notebooks, after several months I figured out my perfect notebook system using moleskines exclusively and haven’t pickup another notebook since.

  2. Ah, well, now— I’ll admit that I first heard about the notebooks while reading Bruce Chatwin…and then set out to find them once rumour said that they’d re-appeared. I bought my first ones via Dick Blick Art Supplies.

  3. I discovered them via Danny Gregory’s web site. But I can’t remember what brought me to his site. Just kismet, I guess.

  4. I found my first Moleskine mentioned when I was doing a research project on Hemingway and how me wrote some of his greatest works in a Moleskine. After that I started looking for them but at the time I lived in a part of the World where you couldn’t find them. After I moved back to my home country Canada I found some of them near by a Chapters branch.

  5. I discovered Moleskines on a visit to Harrods in London. It was a typical tourist visit with the family, but the little fellas caught my eye. There were no rules books left only the plain page notebooks so when I arrived home I searched and bought my first from Amazon. Have loved them eversince and enjoy the community which exists around them the world over.

  6. I discovered Moleskines in 2001 at my local art store, H.R. Meininger Co in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I love blank books and had been searching for the perfect one for years. When I picked up the Moleskine I balked at the cost (I was poor back then) but when I looked at the nice cover, compact size, back cover pocket, elastic band, and above all, the large number of pages, I was sold.

  7. I discovered Moleskins, while shopping for yet another pen. You see, I have this obsession for notebooks, that I somehow manage to keep at bay, by unleashing my obsession for pens. Alas, as it always is the case, there is no escaping for they exist for each other. A fine writting instrument couldn’t have a better destination, my life forever changed, I surrender, with darkness in my soul as I regret not having discovered this perfect state of balance before….

  8. i found my 1st moleskine at TG* bookstore on 1st dec 07, it’s a sketchbook and it was the only one moleskine left on the display with no plastic seal. so i’m asking the store manager if i can buy it. then he said no we cannot this is a display moleskine with “sample” label 🙂 . but i keep on ask him to sell it 🙂 then i finally got it.

  9. I was sent to London by Nokia to cover the Nokia World Convention 2010 and was given an OVI Branded Moleskine. Having heard about Moleskines, I was immediately thrilled!

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