Sightings: Leo’s Song



Reader Angela Miller wrote:

"I found this video online and at 1:50 into the video, there are two
animated notebooks which strongly resemble Moleskines.

"During the trip, I filled two notebooks with notes and sketches."

Seeing how artistic and creative the video is, it’s very possible the
creator is the type of person to use Moleskines…"

Watch the video

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Sightings: Leo’s Song

  1. impactist says:

    Hello Moleskiners’,

    Good eye, indeed those are moleskine notebooks. We are big fans of the books in all their different incarnations and the only books we’d trust on a journey to another planet. Like many other people, we too have a stack of ‘completed’ moleskines in our studio and are constantly adding more.

    We also offer a version of the video to download on our site:

    Thanks for the post!

    Kelly & Daniel

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