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Our friend Patrick Ng was at PaperWorld 2008 and posted about his trip:

Authentics showcased Moleskine’s 2008 new products in PaperWorld 2008. To help retailers to show more products in limited space, Modo e Modo will also release new ground and counter top spinners in order to accommodate all the new line-ups.

These brand new Moleskine Leather Cover Diaries are limited edition, something Modo e Modo haven’t done playing with nicer cover material for a few years now (check out the previous one I have here). They are "bound in patent Italian top quality leather. The shiny surface, in red and black, evokes the precious Eastern lakes, in honor of a great tradition that returns to life nowadays and brightens our daily acts", said in the catalog.

In addition to the new cover, the packaging is also very special and never seen before from Modo e Modo. It will be done similar to Japanese Furoshiki wrapping with a translucent paper banderole. The limited edition leather diaries are pocket size only with choice of red or black, IMHO the red one looks super nice. Each color has two versions to choose from: Daily or weekly horizontal.

Vola! The new Volant now comes in 3 sizes (extra small, pocket and large) and two types (ruled and plain), each package is a set of two color tones (black/black, lime/green, pink/pale pink, blue/deep blue). The quality of the cover improved a lot from previous version. The extra small version is particularly a good complement to any Moleskine acting as a notepad for quick or casual note taking…"

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8 thoughts on “Moleskine at PaperWorld 2008

  1. I’m not a neophyte here, but I am wondering, What’s the difference between a volant and a cahier? Bigger I guess, but what is the cover made of? And from the photo on the website, are the pages lime green on the edges?

  2. They are both the same size, but a Volant’s cover (or at least the original black ones) are made of oilskin, whereas the Cahier’s cover is matte card stock.

  3. SB: Volants are made of the oilskin of normal Moleskines but without stiff backing, while Cahiers are made of a dry cardboard. I think the new Volants are supposed to have more pages? I’m excited to check out the new smaller size:)

  4. Another thing I wish I could get in on–does everyone know that the “Limited Edition Red Series”–the price tripled and quadrupled overnight on places like ebay and Amazon? So I’m thinking that these “limited editions” are probably pretty collectible and that you could make a decent profit with resale even if they are mass-produced. Or at least it’s something to think about as a possibility. I think the next “big thing” is modified notebooks and or decorating your covers with decoupage, and then selling all of these “limited editions” to the tourists.

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