Moleskine Cover Tutorial


Crafter extraordinaire  Keykalou is sharing a tutorial for making your own Moleskine cover:

"Whew, writing tutorials is hard!  This is a first draft, so clarification might be needed.  I’ll do my best to edit this as time goes by making it much more clear.  Please ask questions and I’ll try to address them.  Good luck!

*Iron your fabric. Ironing is the easiest way to dramatically improve the look of your finished item.  Wrinkles=no good.
*Trim excess fabric from corners before turning.
*Once your journal is tucked inside the lining fabric is not visible so use something basic/cheap/recycled…"

Learn more at her blog, Keyka.
© 2008 Keyka

2 thoughts on “Moleskine Cover Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the mention! I plan to post another tutorial soon for a wool or leather cover that can be hand sewn and will be much, much simpler to make and more classic in style (i.e. not quite so “cute”).

  2. oh my goodness! I bought this case last year, and when I saw the picture, I thought the moleskine was mine.

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