Moleskine Pen Holder


"I’ve been pondering for a while how to add a pen holder to my Moleskine
plain page Reporter notebook. I had a vague idea of the approach I
wanted to use, so I was half-way there. Yesterday I got the urge to do
a search, and found a lot of entries – to my surprise – but they all
miss the mark. I want a simple design, non-destructive, with a minimal
impact to the book itself, and with zero impact to the size of the
book. After all, what’s the point of getting a small book to put in
your pocket, and then adding bulk to it. Let’s face it, even the
Reporters aren’t that small. Anyway…

If you don’t want to
measure this out manually, I recommend laying it out using OpenOffice,
and exporting as a PDF. Point of that is Acrobat Reader will let you
print at 100% scale, and the excess is just trimmed. OO doesn’t seem to
scale that well…"

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3 thoughts on “Moleskine Pen Holder

  1. I’ve avoided the whole pen attachment problem by carrying a Fischer space pen in my pocket. they are small, write on anything at any angle and never leak. I put it in my pocket as I grab my keys whenever I leave the house and I can honestly say that having one on me at all times has changed my life! You are always armed with a pen for sketching and note taking and any pen related emergencies!

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