My Moleskine: Miss Gaby



Canadian art student Gabrielle has been using Moleskine for 2 years now. 6 of her notebooks are currently on exhibit at the Art Library of UQÀM from 7 to 21 of February. They are on display near the entrance.

8 fév. 2008 BIBLIOMANES
Édition 2008

Visit Miss Gaby at deviantART

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to My Moleskine: Miss Gaby

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    What I really want to know is what kind of glue she used for the collage on the front of the notebook. I’ve always wanted to try something like that, I wonder if anyone knows much about Modpodge?

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Sophie, it’s not exactly a glue I use on my mole, it’s called medium acrylic, you can find it at the art supplies stores.. they also have it in gel so you can glue heavy things. it’s very usefull but you must have a hard cover if you want it to stay the same.

  3. Sophie Brown says:

    I think they’re really great. I’ve been wanting to try something like this on my notebook covers for awhile (or at the very least buy some vinyl stickers). Very interesting.

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