Southwest Moleskiners

Our friend and super-volunteer Che Moleman has opened a new FLICKR group. I’d like to take a moment to ask if there are any Moleskine addicts out there who live in the American Southwest (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma). If... Read More


Heart of the Silk Road

"For lust of knowing what should not be known, We take the golden road to Samarkand."                 James Elroy Flecker, Hassan, 1913.   "Well, we reached Samarkand without any Uzbek soms on hand, and a... Read More


Find Your Dreams

" Brainstorm your dream by quickly answering hypothetical questions and examining the pattern they reveal. Answer the following questions honestly and quickly with the first thing that comes to your mind. What would you do with your life if…  ... Read More


Meal Moles

“The quality of food is in inverse proportion to the altitude of the dining room, with airplanes the extreme example.” – Bryan Miller (NY Times Restaurant Critic)MOLESKINE-TOTTING FOODIES AND OENOPHILES OF THE WORLD UNITE!  Check out the MEAL MOLES Group... Read More


How did you first discover the Moleskine?

laserone  says: I’m just curious, how (and when) did you all first discover the moleskine? I discovered it because of Flickr, because of the "What’s In Your Bag?" photo pool. I love surfing that photo pool and I kept seeing... Read More


Zaha Hadid and the future of our cities

Paolo Marcesini talked with architect Zaha Hadid on architecture, urban planning and the future development of contemporary society: "Contemporary urban life is becoming ever more complex, with diverse, overlapping audiences who have multiple, simultaneous demands. I am not pro-conservation but... Read More



eBay is full of ’em. Etsy has stuff made with them. What is Gocco? Here’s a good primer: "The Print Gocco was developed specifically as a "kitchen table printer." In its home country, it’s been so popular over its three-decade... Read More


Green and Pink Moleskine Volants

Special editions or colorful editions are just like us– diverse and thriving with creativity. More options can attract new users and give ‘old’ users a way to occasionally add variety in form or color. It’s like the "reporter" notebooks are... Read More


The Notebooks of Christian Webber

after 1 meter moleskine in 4 years……..I think I`m getting more and more an mole…. I made over 4000 drawings in the last 4 years so I spent a lot of time with these books and it´s still fresh……..I started... Read More