Moleskine from Armchair

Dunno much about html but this sure is a cool-looking notebook: This is part of the Armchair seasonal gift series. What you have here is that infamous partner of adventures, the Moleskine notebook. Nate wrote a CSS style-sheet for the... Read More


Imaginary Moleskine

"…the whole piece is composed of porcelain which was fired with a touch of green glaze on the imprinted leaf, a handmade cardboard box with elastic closure and a real Moleskine notebook…" PaulaLearn more at her blog. © 2008 By... Read More


Mike Rohde’s Moleskine Sticky Note Map Hack

"Here’s a handy hack I’ve been using lately to carry a map and notes along with my hacked Moleskine Weekly Planner notebook. I use a standard 3" x 5" yellow sticky note to draw a map, with directions, address, phone... Read More


Moleskine at PaperWorld 2008

Our friend Patrick Ng was at PaperWorld 2008 and posted about his trip: Authentics showcased Moleskine’s 2008 new products in PaperWorld 2008. To help retailers to show more products in limited space, Modo e Modo will also release new ground... Read More


The Diaries of Ernst Jünger

By Nils Fabiansson On Sunday the 17th February 2008 it is 10 years since the German writer, philosopher and notorious diary-writer Ernst Jünger passed away, 102 years old. Jünger became famous after the publication of his autographical war-book "In Stahlgewittern"... Read More


My Moleskine: Miss Gaby

Canadian art student Gabrielle has been using Moleskine for 2 years now. 6 of her notebooks are currently on exhibit at the Art Library of UQÀM from 7 to 21 of February. They are on display near the entrance. 8... Read More


Moleskine Cover Tutorial

Crafter extraordinaire  Keykalou is sharing a tutorial for making your own Moleskine cover:"Whew, writing tutorials is hard!  This is a first draft, so clarification might be needed.  I’ll do my best to edit this as time goes by making it... Read More


Unicorns. We believe.

I have finally seen a unicorn. "Only when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show, have there been more mass hysteria and group fainting when we show this book around. Seriously. Have you seen it? It’s a flipping Unicorn!... Read More


Moleskine Pen Holder

"I’ve been pondering for a while how to add a pen holder to my Moleskine plain page Reporter notebook. I had a vague idea of the approach I wanted to use, so I was half-way there. Yesterday I got the... Read More