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Moleskine Fountain Pen Test

It seems as though I may have embarked into what may become a pretty expensive indulgence. (As if I don’t already spend enough money on art supplies) After seeing so many Flickrites using fountain pens, (most commonly the Lamy Safari … Continue reading

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Sightings: “Cronicas”

Another Moleskine cameo tip from Jesús Fernández Álvarez: "The reporter (John Leguizamo) from "Cronicas" uses a Moleskine as well." Movie link

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Book to the Future

Delve into the lives of ordinary people at their most honest. With time capsule appeal, Dear Future Me is a collection of letters written by everyday people to their future selves. This fascinating portrait of real life offers a sometimes … Continue reading

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Sightings: Leo’s Song

Reader Angela Miller wrote: "I found this video online and at 1:50 into the video, there are twoanimated notebooks which strongly resemble Moleskines. "During the trip, I filled two notebooks with notes and sketches." Seeing how artistic and creative the … Continue reading

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A review of the leather Moleskine cover by Gfeller Casemakers

Gfeller primarily makes leather goods for geologists and scientists who need to carry tools on their person. It is my understanding that these are carried over many many years of hard use. Most of the leather they work with tends … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Moleskinerie 4th Anniversary Collection

Gifts to participants of the First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibit. This special limited edition set consists of large and pocket plain and ruled notebooks and a weekly planner. View the FLICKR Photoset

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Guitartab-template for Moleskine

  Hi everyone, I just made this template and thought I’d share. I’m a guitarplayer and wanted to use a Moleskine for writing down my compositions and I figured, the pocket reporter (horizontal) is just perfect for that. You can … Continue reading

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Topic: do you write/draw/collage/etc every day as a routine…?

cat who got the cream asked: I know a lot of people who set a specific time every morning or evening or something like that to write, to make sure that they are consistent. I just keep my notebook with … Continue reading

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Tale of the Genji

"In a certain reign there was a lady not of the first rank whom the emperor loved more than any of the others. The grand ladies with high ambitions thought her a presumptuous upstart, and lesser ladies were still more … Continue reading

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