Poem by Carla Chait



you’re so thin

let me have you for dinner

I promise to fill you up from within

even if it kills her

Who cares if she’s practically vegan

we’ll have sirloin all over


you’re brimming

with unwritten inventions

I cannot resist your credentials

please let me become residential

I promise to satisfy your potential


I’m dim

won’t you be

my light at the end of the tunnel?

It’s fundamental

I realise

that in this life

there is only so much material

that’s for the finding

And I would be delighted

if you were to be my binding

© 2008 CC

© All rights reserved

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2 Responses to Poem by Carla Chait

  1. Erin Sassafras says:


  2. Bob says:

    I noticed in the movie “Fools Gold” that Kate Hudson pulls out a “Moleskine” reporter style for Matthew McConaughey to draw a picture on. I’ve also noticed that in the 2002 movie K-PAX PrOt uses a “look-alike” moleskine notebook with elastic band. Cool things!

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