Hypnotic Journaling

By Sophie Nicholls Some years ago now, by grandfather died leaving me a diary that he had kept as a prisoner of war in 1944. Inside its yellowed pages and between the penciled lines, I read things that he had... Read More


Wil Wheaton’s Noteboook

Greg Goddard alerted us to this post at WIRED magazine’s "Game Life". Wil Wheaton on what he carries every single time he leaves the house: "I put a 3×5 softcover Molskine notebook and a ballpoint pen into my back pocket... Read More


El sutil encanto de un Moleskine

We recently got interviewed by Natalia Botero of the  the  El Colombiano newspaper in Medellin.The artwork is by Tim Baynes. Sorry but apparently there’s no online version. Previous press mentions Update: 4.6.08 Natalia sent this link. Muchas... Read More


For the love of a notebook

Here is the second article by Alex Charchar on notebooks: "Not too long ago I wrote about the Moleskine Notebooks in a general way – going into what they are, where they came from and expressed my overly romantic feelings... Read More


Glass House Moleskine Sketchbook Launch

To mark the launch of the Glass House Moleskine sketchbook, the Glass House in conjunction with Moleskine will co-host a launch party at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York on May 17, 2008 during the ICFF festivities to mark... Read More


My Lovely Moleskine

Alex Charchar of Retinart has written a couple of articles on Moleskine notebooks which we will feature this week. The first post is a look into the history of the notebooks and an overview of what makes them so loved.... Read More


The Sketches of Bruno Leyval

I’m a French artist and I live & work in Mulhouse. I work mainly with Chinese ink on paper, pen and brush. For me, the ink is synonymous with purity, simplicity and spirituality. The themes of my works are: the... Read More


In viaggio col taccuino

"In viaggio col taccuino": the Skechbooks exhibits program at "Galassia Gutenberg" cultural fair, Naples 28/31 marzo 2008. Download the.pdf [via simo capecchi – napoli, italiahttp://inviaggiocoltaccuino.blogspot.com/ ]... Read More



My work stems from an inner desire to understand and document the personal growth and emotions I encounter throughout my life. Most of my work is based on the idea of documenting my quarter-life crisis, discovering my true journey, and... Read More