My work stems from an inner desire to understand and document the
personal growth and emotions I encounter throughout my life. Most of my
work is based on the idea of documenting my quarter-life crisis,
discovering my true journey, and embracing it. I often use a variety of
mediums ranging from found objects, mementos, photographs, magazine and
vintage book pages, gouache, watercolor, inks, and lots of glue. More
often than not my journal work is collaged based with illustrations,
color, and free verse musings on my current state of mind.

I have been journaling for years, as a way to unwind, comprehend and
capture the experiences life throws at me. It started out as a release,
almost meditative, and has now become complete second nature to me. I
find that I love Moleskines the most because of their durability,
aesthetic and charm of endless possibilities. My journals are always by
my side, each one for certain concepts and goals. Forever growing,
forever documenting.

Mae Jane

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© 2008 MJ

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