For the love of a notebook


Here is the second article by Alex Charchar on notebooks:

"Not too long ago I wrote about the Moleskine Notebooks in a general way – going into what they are, where they came from and expressed my overly romantic feelings for the little books—the word lust was used. While writing, I began to realise that the article was starting to get long, far too long for one article from an online source, so I decided to split it into two. This first article was an introduction to the notebooks. This second article is a look at how they can be used and what fantastic things are being done with them.

The Moleskine range has been used for some great things. From being used as the canvas of illustrators sharpening their skills whenever they get a chance, no matter where they are, to people ditching their PDAs for an analogue system with a pocket Moleskine at its centre, to creatives filling a book with whatever came into their minds for exhibitions. .."

Read the full post at his blog, Retinart

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