Guarding the goldfish


Our cat, Checkers, on my large watercolor Moleskine…it must have been the goldfish that attracted her to this spot…Just for the record, I did NOT pose the cat – I had been taking photos
of my drawings – propping the notebook against black cloth on an extra
bed – I turned by back and Checkers arranged herself, quite
comfortably, on my Moleskine. The irony is completely coincidental!!

By Berkemc @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
© All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Guarding the goldfish

  1. First off, I love Moleskines. For hundreds of uses there is nothing better. I carry several of them. I know I will most likely be crucified for offering an alternative to our trusty, beloved notebook, but for those needing a durable tougher than nails writing pad, the folks at J. L. Darling Corporation in Tacoma, Washington make “Rite in the Rain” products. For the hazards of crazy outdoor life and the horrors of war, these products are the best.

  2. My cat is always getting on my stuff too. Wants to be in the middle of everything, even when I’m painting. I have to put her in the other room and she really hates it. Are those watercolor pencils?

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