Inspiration: Courtroom Sketch Artists


From Ironic Sans:

In 1996, Supreme Court Justice David Souter told a congressional panel that “the day you see a camera come into our courtroom, it’s going to roll over my dead body.” While the controversy over whether or not cameras should be allowed in courtrooms rages on, sketch artists remain fairly non-controversial, covering even the most important trials. The general public sees their artwork on the news, online, and in print. These artists see the trials for us, and often their artwork is our only glimpse into the proceedings.

I found myself wondering who these artists are. Is courtroom sketching a full time job? Are these people fine artists or commercial artists? And what kind of artwork do they do outside the courtroom?

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One thought on “Inspiration: Courtroom Sketch Artists

  1. I have always coveted this job. I’m not sure my realistic drawing skills are really enough to actually DO this, but it seems like such a fascinating thing to do for a living. They seem to have similar drawing ability to comic book artists and the like. I know I am not the only person fascinated with watching someone really good draw. There used to be some storybook program when I was a kid and the guy would draw illustrations as someone was reading the story and I just loved it. It might be fun to go to the court house and see if you could do the same. Maybe you could train yourself. You might want to make sure that they allow it, but it could be a fun way to spend slow afternoons.

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